What is the average age of a Text Twist player?

The average age of a text twist player completely depends on so many factors. Nobody could probably say for sure, or give an exact estimate. However from my experience, I would say the average age is about 23 years old. We have noticed that more females play text twist than males, however its a very small percentage. Only about 10% more females play text twist than males.

The average male player tends to play text twist for about 45-60 minutes per day. That’s a little less than we have found women play it, which is 40-50 minutes per day on average. Remember though that just because we are listing what we think the average age is, doesn’t mean it’s like that all over the world. Western children, for instance, have access to computers and internet all the time where as some parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa not all children or in fact even nearly any children have a computer at home.

Maybe that’s what’s so enjoyable about text twist. There are so many different people. Male or Female, young or old, this game is fun for everyone who plays it!

Text Twist vs Sudoku

Text twist is a much better game than sudoku. Personally I find it much easier to deal with words than numbers. I have always been a good speller, and numbers aren’t really my thing. The popularity of text twist has grown significantly over the passed couple of years as people of all ages have begun to enjoy this fun game!

Almost any site you look at online will have text twist available for playing, and many are 100% free to play. Not all sites are free however so be careful when you choose one! I have now been playing text twist for 4 years and I love the game. I have also played sudoku for a few years but when it comes down to either or, I always play text twist.

Sudoku takes up too much concentration, and it just gets harder the higher you go in difficulty. All games that require math will always be that much harder to master than the games that don’t. I guess this is why I prefer to play text twist over playing sudoku online. I have even got as far as getting a headache when playing numbers games. Even things like multiplication can bother me a little.

Text twist is much more enjoyable. Everyone knows words, and how to spell. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. You don’t need to be a genius. You just need to be able to spell a few words and have a lot of fun while you’re doing it! The best part about text twist is that kids of all ages can play it!  That’s right, no worrying about violence or provocative games – your children can play too and learn how to spell at the same time. It’s a great way to encourage your kids to play video games but also concentrate on learning at the same time.

Now go play some text twist and have fun! Don’t forget to email in your high score.

Give Your Brain The Extra Boost By Playing Text Twist

Sure, Text Twist is fun. It is a great diversion when you are waiting for your dentist to arrive or while you are procrastinating when you are supposed to be working on your paper. The great news is that this kind of fun is actually good for you, especially for your brain. You may not have considered it, but every time you start guessing the words in this game, you are entering a mental gym, where the exercise area is all your own and the equipment is firing up your brain cells.

Text Twist relies on the ability of the end-user to conjure various word combinations from a set of six or seven automatically generated letters. Every time the player manages to guess a word, corresponding points are rewarded. In order to qualify for the next round, the player is compelled to construct a word that includes all the provided letters.

So, how does Text Twist help keep your brain active and healthy? To start with, frequently identifying words from a set of scrambled letters stimulates your brain. Mental stimulation has a positive effect on warding off memory problems and other issues that may affect your cognitive function. According to the Alzheimer’s Association and the New England Journal of Medicine, playing such a word game helps protect people against dementia, both Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia, possibly because the brain cells and their connections are stronger.

Text Twist is also a great word game for enriching vocabulary, spelling, and language skills. Each time you play this game, you discover new terms. Eventually you will find yourself using those words that you have not thought of using during your lifetime.

This word game also enhances your concentration. At this point when everything around you can become a source of distraction, playing this word game can keep your mind off from unpleasant subjects, which in turn makes it easier for you to focus on more important things. Likewise, as the game comes with a time limit, you are training your brain to think and act more quickly, thereby improving your reaction time, boosting your analytical abilities as well as your strategy building skills.

Text Twist is not just a fun word game; it is also an educational tool that helps drive your brain to work. It is a mental equipment that pay valuable dividends that can benefit you for the long term.

Text Twist: A Game That Boggles The Mind

Word games have long been used to test vocabulary and spelling skills. Most of these word games compel players to create words that they do not use on a daily basis, thereby testing their lateral thinking. So, if you are interested to renew, relearn and refresh the words that you had completely forgotten about, you will be happy to know that word games are a fun and effective means to do just that. Many word games can now be accessed online for free and most of them will definitely challenge you and put your language skills to work. One perfect example is the game called Text Twist.

Text Twist is a Java game created by GameHouse. The premise of this word game is simple: you are given six scrambled letters and in two minutes you need to create as many words as possible. For you to score the maximum number of points and move on to the next level, you need to find at least one word, or popularly referred to as the winning word (WW), using all the six letters.

Text Twist has over 10,000 word in its dictionary. So, it is not likely that you will run out of words to guess anytime soon. If you find yourself stuck while trying to remember words, you can simply tap the twist button to reshuffle the letters. If you are lucky enough, you can fluke out some words in the new order. If you are really good at words, you can try guessing all the terms before the time runs out, and earn bonus points in the process, not to mention some extra bragging rights.

Due to the growing popularity of the said word game, it has spawned several versions. The first one was a freeware edition with limited features, while subsequent versions such as the latest addition, Super Text Twist, which was released in the United States on December 12, 2001, feature the original gameplay, but at the same time adds in an array of new game modes such as the use of eight letter words and the addition of the skip button. Such improvements provide a whole new letter-scrambling experience for the avid followers of the game.

Basically, if you are up for word challenges or you simply want to learn new words that you had not used before, Text Twist is the perfect game to opt for.